New Year´s Eve 31/12/19

Hatraklin is celebrating the New Year with a special evening full of extraordinary wines, an exquisite menu and a casual yet celebratory atmosphere we´re so happy to provide.

Come celebrate with us and experience our carefully prepared menu designed especially for this once a year occasion.

 Price per guest: 350 NIS not including drinks and service

The menu includes the best dishes we have served since the establishment of

the restaurant 11 years



 Beef Ceviche, Raw beef with pistachios and Coriander

 Sirloin Carpaccio, Finely sliced Sirloin with parmesan cheese

 Chicken Liver Paté

Antipasti, A selection of roasted vegetables

Roasted heart of an artichoke – with goat cheese and pesto, served on top of grilled cherry tomatoes

Roasted Eggplant – with tahini, tomatoes, onions and coriander 


Seared Sirloin, Sliced Sirloin for individual roasting on a hot stone

 Entrecote Steak 400gr´, a succulent Rib-Eye cut served on a hot platter

Chef´s Skewers – 300 gr of our premium cuts with potato fries

  Rocca Steak, Roasted Vagio Beef strips on water-crest and parmesan salad, baked potatoes and onions

Porter House 900gr  FOR TWO - T-Bone cut, Sirloin and Filet, grilled with the bone, served MR with potatoes 

Artichoke Ravioli or potato GnocchiIn a cream sauce   




A selection of handmade desserts

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