Hatraklin - A dream shared

Hatraklin restaurant started as a shared dream of the two founders: chef Moshe Yochanan & Sommelier Yossi Ben-Udis.
The two first met, inadvertently, eight years ago and discovered they both share a dream of opening a small, high quality,
Tel-Aviv restaurant.
Chef Yochanan started his culinary journey over two decades ago after leaving a successful career in the computer industry for his passion for food. Chef Yochanan´s training and expertise was attained through hard work and dedication at some of the city´s elite restaurants. Sommelier Ben-Udis is a self-taught wine expert and a restaurateur with an impressive resume who made his way to the top of the country´s wine industry as the youngest Sommelier in Israel over a decade ago.
The two men combined their respective talents to create a menu offering the finest beef Israel has to offer alongside an unparalleled wine list of Israeli boutique wineries. The beef served in the restaurant is bought fresh from selected herds in the Golan-heights and then aged to perfection by the chef at the restaurants´ aging cellar. The ever changing wine list consists of Israel´s finest boutique wineries handpicked by the resident sommelier Mr. Ben-Udis.
The restaurants´ name – "Hatraklin" means "The Lounge" in Hebrew and was conceived by the two dreamers as a way to express their concept of easy laidback dining experience accompanied by a professional yet warm and inviting service.

´Hatraklin´- meat & wine Bistro
 is an intimate and warm space located in a restored building on  Heical
Hatalmud First opened its doors 9 years ago, the restaurant offers a specialized menu of high quality meat dishes, alongside a large variety of local boutique wines.The restaurant also offers a number of private rooms for more intimate dining.
Address:Heical Hatalmud 4  St. Tel Aviv Seats: 180

Opening Hours: Every day of the week 19:00- 00:00 
for resvisens


For registration and more info please contact us via

Phone:97253-826-7544 Christina